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Peter Sumrall Poole

Peter Sumrall Poole passed away April 23rd, 2019 from a suspected abdominal artery rupture. Peter was born in Memphis on April 2nd, 1981, the youngest of 5 brothers. Peter was a fairly recent transplant to Ellisville, but he loved it and all the people there. Peter graduated from Jones County Junior College in 2007 with a degree in Forestry. During that time he stayed with his late grandmother Mildred Harrison Gunn. I remember that time being very tumultuous with regular spats between him and grandmother, usually over trivial things. I asked Peter years later about it and he said that he wouldn't take anything in the world for that time spent with grandmother and her siblings. Peter got to know all of them well and told me stories that uncle Cap used to tell him. Peter loved to talk, but he also listened and above all he loved people. He treated everyone like they were his best friend, no matter their status or station in life. Yes, at times he had a short fuse, but he never carried a grudge.

Peter had a great memory for numbers and took it upon himself to memorize every movie date of every movie that he had seen. It may sound like nothing, but he could also tell you the actors that were in the movies, what other movies they had been in, and the years of those movies. I had also gotten him into the classic black and white films, which we both loved. Peter was an avid bottle and coin collector as well. He loved camping, nature, animals, and trees especially.

Peter was far more interested in people than in material things, and thus many of us worried about him financially, but he always seemed to manage. I think many of us tried to mold him into someone with more drive and to push him to a more financially secure future/career, but he knew he would make it fine. Peter leaves behind, his mother Martha Gunn Poole, father Paul Sumrall Poole, brothers Nathan, Griffin, and John Duncan, his aunt Freida Gunn Collins and uncle Keith Sumrall there in Ellisville, along with more aunts and uncles and many more cousins. He goes to join both his grandmothers and grandfathers, and his oldest brother Paul Jr.

Peter reminds me that we shouldn't wait to tell those around us we care about that we love them. We texted from time to time, but never said those words.

Services will be held at Ellisville Funeral Home Sunday April 28th. Public viewing from 1-2:30. He will be laid to rest at 3:00PM at Bethel Methodist Cemetery in Collins.

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Peter Sumrall Poole
April 2, 1981 - April 23, 2019




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