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Mary Ann Bullock
November 6, 1932 - August 30, 2020

Rhonda Cooley

Ellisville, MS

Oh what a wonderful teacher she was!! I had 2 children who were in her class, Shane & Heather. She will continue to live through the many lives of the ones she touched. What a legacy!! I know you mourn & will miss her dearly. You will be in our thoughts & prayers.
Thursday, September 3, 2020


Becky Collins

Taylorsville, MS   United States

There’s joyful music playing in heaven. Today, we laid my Mamaw to rest. She was surrounded and honored by her husband, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, brothers, sisters in laws and dearest friends.
As I think back over my last 33 years, there’s very few memories in my life that do not involve my mamaw. From the time I was born until her death, she has been a constant companion. I chose to use the word companion because my mamaw was more than just a grandmother. She was one of my true best friends.
Mamaw would sit and listen to you for as long as you wanted to talk. She would rock your babies when you needed a break. She would ask how to help. She would pray and pray and pray for you. I remember on so many occasions, I would call Mamaw to say “please pray for my friend” because I always told her that her messages got to God quicker than anyone else’s.
Mamaw was always there. She helped my parents so much when we were young and they were working long hours. I spent many nights and days at her home. Sleepovers in her big bed with cozy gowns and nick at night on TV. Piano “practice” in the living room for an audience of two. School projects and English papers. Sick days with a bell, rice sock, saltine crackers and a sprite. The memories go on and on. And these are just mine. She had 5 other grandchildren that she loved and treated all the same.
She was silly. She was fun. She was strict. She was a horrible cook. She loved to dance. She loved to be in the center of whatever was going on. She was never embarrassed. She always called you over the speaker system in Walmart to find you. She loved her family. She loved her church. And most of all she loved God. She was never afraid to share her faith with others and for that I am forever thankful.
Mamaw, I miss you every moment of every day. I will make sure Sawyer and Anna Clayton will always remember your legacy. Thank you for showing me how to love God, love your spouse and love your family.
PS - the fly flap and your eye drops were sent to heaven with you. You really can’t complain now 😂
Thursday, September 3, 2020


Mary Ann Bullock
November 6, 1932 - August 30, 2020




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